Pipeline and pressure vessel inspection is one of our core areas of expertise

Pipelines are known to corrode in areas that are often difficult to access. Whether they are above or below ground, these corroded areas may remain unnoticed for a considerable period.  However, you need not worry at all because at Corrims, we employ multiple advanced techniques to highlight any issues with your piping system that requires attention.

Utilising a wide range of specialised equipment, our team of API 570 certified inspectors and corrosion engineers can recommend your next date of inspection, inspection interval, and remaining life of the system based on design, inspection codes, and the remaining thickness of the wall. The procedures and reporting system we use will enable you to easily comply with regulatory audits.

Mentioned below are some of our pipeline inspection services suited for your specific needs.

  • In-line inspection and engineering assessment for pipelines that are difficult-to-inspect and unpiggable.
  • Comprehensive pipeline integrity management to help address the complexities of inspection projects.
  • NDT inspection service specifically for delivering concise asset health data and restrictive areas.
  • Solutions to complicated issues related to asset integrity

Inspection of pressure vessels from time to time is not only best practice but is also a mandatory requirement throughout Australia.  This is one of the foremost requirements for ensuring the safety and integrity of operations in any plant or equipment.

At Corrims, we provide pressure vessel inspection service in accordance with the API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code. Our pressure vessel inspection service can be tailored for a single pressure vessel system as well as large operating sites with many different pressure vessels across the location. Moreover, we can also help you identify defects and perform all necessary repairing and maintenance work for pressure vessels.

Our certified inspectors have a wealth of experience in working on steam pressure vessels, boilers (gas, coal, and multi fuel), recovery boilers, water heaters, fired heaters, process vessels, storage tanks, process piping, heat exchangers, steam generators, reboilers, and much more.

Aboveground storage tanks are large metal containers usually intended to temporarily hold different substances ranging from water to different chemical products to crude oil. Corrims has an excellent track record in inspection of aboveground storage tanks as per the API 653 standards for inspection, repair, alteration, and reconstruction.

Please contact our experts today for any query related our pipeline and pressure vessel inspection service.