Cathodic Protection (CP) is the most trusted method of minimising or preventing the corrosion of immersed and buried structures

This technique does not eliminate corrosion, but effectively transfers it from the protected structure to another known location equipped with anodes, and can be replaced without any difficulty. CP turns the protected structure completely cathodic by overriding the anodic areas occurring naturally in the structure. Therefore, the structure does not corrode as it receives current from the electrolyte present in the surrounding areas.

Corrims is one of the leading corrosion and cathodic protection specialists all over Australia and Asia with specialised skills in CP as well as all other areas of corrosion engineering. Our CP services have been used by many of our clients to preserve their immersed or buried structures from chemical and natural corrosion processes. Our service covers fault finding, rectification, and installed system audit. Our experts can also help design impressed and sacrificial current systems and sacrificial system installation.

The present Australian Standards make it mandatory to carry out ongoing monitoring and documentation of CP systems. Ensure the optimal operation of your system with our ongoing checkups, analysis, and reports.

Our Cathodic Protection, Monitoring & Rectification services are suitable for:

  • Marine vessels
  • Tunnels and bridges
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Chillers and clarifiers
  • Reservoirs and storage tanks
  • Subsea and offshore structures
  • Wharves, ports, piling, and jetties
  • Steel reinforced concrete structures
  • Buried or submerged metallic pipelines for oil, gas, and water

Some of our CP services include:

  • CP modelling for the demonstration of a system’s actual performance. Some typical cases where this technique is used include anode distribution and current drain issues, uneven anode consumption, under or over protection, anode interference, galvanic corrosion, pipeline attenuation, etc.
  • Design and evaluation of CP systems for subsea structures, jackets, pipelines, caissons, chain connectors, wind turbine foundations, subsea structures, and more. Combined with our inspection service, this allows minimising the cost of CP retrofit and optimising operations.
  • We also offer comprehensive management service for cathodic protection systems, including site inspection, data analysis, assessments, and reporting.
  • Our service capability also includes resistor controlled Cathodic Protection for the prevention of internal corrosion in structures made of stainless steel. This technique is implemented extensively in chlorinated seawater systems that are extremely prone to corrosion.