As a reputed third-party inspection and assessment service provider, Corrims offers a comprehensive range of technology-enabled solutions to help businesses improve operational planning, minimise operational risks, and maximise the profitability of their projects. Our team of inspectors have over five decades of top level experience in inspection/assessment services spread throughout oil and gas, pipeline, concrete, construction, and many other industries.

A Brief Overview of Our Services

Coatings, Fireproofing, Insulation and Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspection and Consultancy

Our coating inspection adds durability and value to all types of protective coating projects, reducing expensive rework and maintenance cost. We also offer failure analysis service to help you investigate the probable causes of failure and avoid future occurrences. Some of our core capabilities in this space include DFT testing, spark testing, chloride testing, profile testing, adhesion testing, and much more.
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Concrete Condition Evaluation

Our team of engineers has specialised skill in inspection, testing and assessment of all types of concrete structures. We thoroughly understand how the service life of a structure is impacted by its interaction with the surroundings, and help our clients assess the condition of their structure. Some of our specialised skills in concrete inspection and assessment include failure analysis, coatings on concrete, concrete strength field test, surface profile, concrete strengthening using carbon fibre, etc.
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Welding Inspection, Procedure Qualification and NDT Services

Welding inspection services from Corrims is tailor-made for businesses looking to determine the validity of the welding procedure of their projects. Our service complies with all Australian engineering guidelines as well as the international codes applicable to your venture. We also provide a wide spectrum of NDT services including Eddy current testing, dye penetrant inspection, mag particle inspection, manual ultrasonic testing, and more.
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Pipeline and Pressure Vessel Inspection

Our capabilities in the pipeline industry have been utilised by operators across Australia for better profitability, improved operational efficiency, and reduced safety issues. We also perform pressure vessel inspections in accordance with AS/NZS 1200:1994, AS 4041:2006, AS3788-2006, AS 4343:2005, AS 1271:2003, and API 510.
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Lead Auditing

Corrims can also help with all your audit requirements such as internal auditing, third-party auditing, quality system auditing, pre-shipment inspection, goods tallying, quality control, packing supervision, and goods condition reporting.
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Drone inspection

Complete your asset inspection with extraordinary accuracy and in no time with drone inspection service from Corrims. Our super efficient drones are capable of quickly carrying out a detailed inspection of any building, making it a breeze for you to monitor and access the exact condition of the asset.
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